Vision, Mission and Core Values

Vision, Mission, Core Values AND BRAND PROMISES


Be remarkable! Inspire happiness, healthy living and simplicity, one guest at a time.
Every employee in every role can be remarkable in whatever job they are doing. From extending a courteous welcome, to helping guests in the aisle, to thanking employees and guests, each employee can inspire happiness in each guest they encounter.
As a company, Coborn’s, Inc. continues to find ways to encourage and inspire healthy living. We also strive to make our guests’ lives easier. By thinking ahead, by merchandising full meal ideas, by offering services, by investing in loyalty, and more, we want our guests to appreciate the ease of shopping with us.


To empower employee owners to create unique shopping experiences, anticipate needs and exceed expectations for our guests.
It is important that each employee is empowered to take ownership in our guest focus. By investing in our employees, their engagement naturally increases, which then is projected to our guests. Unique shopping experiences can be anything from a friendly demo station or a tip on preparing a recipe to a healthy checkout lane or an employee who hands you a coupon you didn’t realize you were missing out on. Anticipating needs ties back into the simplicity piece of our vision. By putting ourselves into our guests’ shoes each day, we can find ways to make the shopping experience smooth and comfortable. And exceeding expectations can be done by anyone, anywhere. It all comes down to our common desire to surprise and delight each guest.

Core Values:

  • Guest Focus: We treat each guest as our most important guest.
  • Executional Excellence: We hold ourselves personally accountable. We consistently implement and execute our plans to deliver desired results.
  • Innovation: We take risks, inspire creativity, take action and learn from our outcomes.
  • Community Giving: We strengthen our communities through strategic partnerships, financial investment and meaningful volunteerism.
  • Dignity and Respect: We treat everyone as we wish to be treated.

Brand Promises:

  • Best Guest Experience – We consistently deliver an overall experience that is genuine, pleasant, and welcoming.
  • Quality – We achieve a standard of excellence through our people and offer the freshest products and assortment.
  • Value – We understand our guest’s needs and engage them by delivering everyday value, convenience, and seasonally exciting promotions.
  • Signature Items – We offer a special assortment of cravable products that are employee and guest favorites. You can only get them here!
  • Community – Our people make an impact in our neighborhoods through giving and volunteering.