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We are pleased to be in partnership with major retailers across the country (listed at right) to implement a customer centric retailing (CCR) loyalty data initiative. The objective is to continuously improve in all facets of our go-to-market programming to connect and build long-lasting relationships with our core customer base.

Our unique partnership with Symphony Retail (SRAi) aggreages all of our shopper card and transaction data into the 4th largest consumer database in the U.S. Imagine the power and reach of this unique, rich consumer database. And the best part…you can have access to it through the powerful Category Manager suite. The CMS tool enables your team…and ours…to make better, more- informed business decisions. Our goals:

  • Exceed customer expectations by providing them with far more relevant promotions and offers than ever before.
  • Grow sales!

Our merchandising teams are now utilizing and leveraging shopper data to deliver stronger perfomance results. We invite you to do the same.

The CMS tool is designed to support collaboration between all of our individual companies and with you, our supplier partners, across many of the critical elements of our core business processes including:

  • Assortment evaluation
  • Promotional effectiveness
  • Space planning
  • Pricing strategies
  • Customer segmentation analysis against items, categories and promotions to fully understand the purchase path of our primary, secondary and tertiary customers.

As a Supplier Partner, you have access to the CMS tool on a subscription basis directly from Topco and Symphony Retail. It is vitally important to us that you participate as our category managers will be asking our partners to actively engage in core business processes and to bring forward data-driven insights from your business, overlayed with our shopper data to drive more impactful results.

We’re confident this partnership will provide a more effective and collaborative strategic path that will unlock growth and improve trade ROI. Our merchandising and analytics teams are fully committed to our transformation to Customer Centric Retailing and leveraging this incredibly valuable consumer data, and we strongly urge you to join by subscribing to the Symphony Retail solution.

To transition into this data-centric retailing strategy, we have committed to:

  • Complete training of our CM team to leverage rich, valuable data insights about their category.
  • Supporting our internal data-driven decision making with the assistance of a full-time data analyst.
  • Full on-boarding of the platform within your organization through partnership with Symphony Retail and 1:1 coaching.
Frequently Asked Questions on Customer Centric Retailing