Two Coborn’s Liquor Dept. employees celebrate 40 Years of Service milestone together

Two liquor division employees, who began their careers working side-by-side at the former Coborn’s Liquor store on 5th Avenue in St. Cloud, recently marked the same milestone anniversary with the company.

Ken Warzecha, a District Manager in the Liquor Division, and Dan Moe, Liquor Manager at Coborn’s in Little Falls, celebrated their 40 year anniversaries in August and September. Both were hired a month apart back in 1978; Ken in August and Dan in September.

“We were working PT while attending school,” Warzecha recalled. “I’m not sure 40 years ago we would have thought we would be here 40 years later. It shows what kind of company & family we work for when you can make a career out of what seemed to be just a way to subsidize our education. We feel so fortunate to continue to be a part of a company that offers these kind of opportunities.”

Moe recalled what it was like when he advanced to his current position in Little Falls. He had been working as the Assistant Manager at Coborn’s Liquor on 5th Avenue and got an unexpected call from an unexpected person, to take an unexpected trip to Little Falls.

“I went to Coborn’s Liquor in Little Falls with Dan Coborn and he told me along the way that he would like me to run that store” Moe recalled. “They say time goes fast and it really does. It’s made my job easier to have so many great people working here alongside me.”

Ken and Dan recently took a photo together with their 40 year plaques to make the milestone anniversary, which is pictured above.

Coborn’s employee wins MGA state bagging competition, will represent Minnesota in national tournament

Tyler Haselkamp, an employee at Coborn’s in Clearwater, has been named the state’s top bagger this year after taking first place at the annual Minnesota Grocers Association bagging competition on Saturday.

The event, held at the Mall of America in Bloomington, was a face-off between nine of the best baggers across Minnesota. All of the participants were judged on bagging speed, style, attitude, proper bag building technique, and weight distribution of the bags as they worked against the clock to strategically pack food into reusable bags.

Tyler won $500, a trophy and a trip to San Diego where he will represent Minnesota in the National Grocers Association (NGA) bagging competition, which is scheduled to take place in February.

“Our whole store is very proud of Tyler, it’s been very exciting,” said Jason Zilka, Store Director at Coborn’s in Clearwater. “Tyler will represent our company, and our state, very well at the NGA tournament.”

Tyler was not a stranger at the Minnesota Grocers Association tournament. He competed there in 2016 and 2017; last year he took home 2nd place.

Additional information about the state bagging competition from the Minnesota Grocers Association:

The MGA has held the Best Bagger Contest for 30 years. This contest is important to the MGA and its membership because it is a fun, fast-paced, and an entertaining competition, but most importantly, this event showcases the talents of one of the industry’s key employees. Baggers are the people responsible for the last experience customers have in a store, and the contest’s focus on these top baggers truly exemplifies the food industry’s dedication to customer service.

Tyler with co-workers at the event.

Tyler with Jason Zilka, Store Director at Coborn’s in Clearwater.

June 2018: Tyler with District Manager Nathan Tykwinski and Coborn’s Clearwater Store Director Jason Zilka after his victory at the Coborn’s “Best Bagger” competition.

Tyler with Coborn’s, Inc. Chairman, President & CEO Chris Coborn after his victory at the Coborn’s “Best Bagger” competition.

Coborn’s in Long Prairie helps raise $550 for Todd County Dairy Princesses Association

At Coborn’s in Long Prairie, summertime brings with it a cookout that’s become somewhat of an annual tradition. For $3 during “Cheeseburger Days,” guests receive a cheeseburger, chips, ice cream and some milk to wash it all down.

It’s no coincidence that the menu at this annual event is heavy on dairy. That’s because “Cheeseburger Days” is a fundraiser that benefits the Todd County Dairy Princesses Association. This year, both our store and this organization, were able to raise $550 when they held the four-hour at Coborn’s in Long Prairie on June 29.

“Each year it has been a tremendous success with this year being a success as well,” said Coborn’s Long Prairie Store Director John Howard. “We had numerous positive comments from the community about the event as well as the delicious food.”

Congratulations to the team at Coborn’s in Long Prairie for putting together this annual event that benefits a great organization!